Isoil products

ISOIL Industria is a worldwide leading supplier of electromagnetic flowmeters. On the market since 1958, the company has been concentrating its efforts and expertise through the years towards the evolution of the electromagnetic flowmeters technology It is worldwide recognized and present in all Countries through distributors and agents, and with branch offices in Brazil and Hong Kong.

ISOIL Full Bore Measuring Sensors MS2500

ISOIL Full Bore Measuring Sensors MS1000

ISOIL Insertion Measuring Sensors MS3810

ISOIL Insertion Measuring Sensors MS3780

ISOIL Mains Powered Converters MV210

ISOIL Mains Powered Converters MV110 / MV110W

ISOIL Mains Powered Converters MV800

ISOIL Battery Powered Converters MV255

ISOIL Battery Powered Converters MV145

ISONRG Energy Calculator MV311

ISOFLUX Ultrasonic Energy Meter IFX-M4-03

ISOFLUX Ultrasonic Flowmeter Clamp-On For Fix Installation IFX-F100