Stainless Steel Valves

FIVALCO is an American brand trusted for quality for over 35 years. It is the industry's trusted brand for professionals. With history of over 35 years, Fivalco has been an inventor and leading manufacturer of superior flow control products globally. Being one of the top manufacturers of UL/FM valves in the world, Fivalco has its presence in over 80 countries worldwide. Fivalco grants a standard warranty of thirty-six (36) months for all its products against manufacturer defects.

FIVALCO Wafer Butterfly Valve F11

FIVALCO Full Lug Butterfly Valve F12

FIVALCO Double Flange Butterfly Valve F13C

FIVALCO NRS Metal Seat Gate Valve F23M

FIVALCO OS&Y Metal Seat Gate Valve F23MR

FIVALCO OS&Y S-Pattern Globe Valve F33S

FIVALCO 2-Piece Body Ball Valve F43D

FIVALCO 3-Piece Body Ball Valve F43T

FIVALCO Wafer Double Door Check Valve F51DD

FIVALCO Swing Check Valve F53S

FIVALCO Y-Type Strainer

FIVALCO NRS Gate Valve Threaded End F2S200
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